Description of Services

Don't Stop When You're Tired, Stop When You're Done

Personal Training And/Or Assessment

Training Plans are written specific for each individual based on their goals. You choose the amount of days you want to train on site. You also have the option to add a customized training plan that can be done off site based on equipment that you have access to while still under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. 

Personal Training Options

  1. Private On Site Personal Training: $30/Session
  2. Semi-Private (No more than 3 clients per session) On Site Personal Training: $25/Session
  3. Off-Site Customized Training Plan: $50/3 Month Plan. This option can be added to any service available. 

Mobility, Structural, and Flexibility Assessment: This assessment is designed to test for any deficits that may need addressed during training for those who are new to working out. In addition, athletes looking to improve sports performance and identify any deficiencies related to their specific sport prior to the development of a training plan: $50/Assessment and Report

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is geared towards teaching you how to change your way of life regarding food and nutrition. This is NOT a diet and a meal plan is not provided. The focus is on flexible dieting and being able to incorporate foods that you love into your everyday life. However, change does take time which is why there is a 12 week commitment. 

You will sit down with a nutrition coach and develop a plan that fits your lifestyle including the appropriate nutrients needed to fuel your body for everyday life as well as those who need additional calories to fuel your workouts. This program is for those who want to lose weight, lose fat, or gain muscle.

You will also have access to your nutrition coach via email on a daily basis. There will be weekly scheduled check ins/progress reports and programming will be adjusted as needed. In addition, you will have the support of the BAM online Facebook group which provides additional peer support from those also on their fitness journey. 

You can enjoy all the foods that you love while still reaching your fitness goals! Who doesn’t want to be able to have their cake and eat it too?!

Although 12 weeks is the minimum requirement, this is an individual journey and you can renew as many times as needed. 

$150/12 weeks

Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching

Want personal training and nutrition coaching? This option is for you. A combination of both on- site or off-site training plus nutrition coaching. 

See individual options for a full description of services. 

$25/Session + $100/12 Weeks: On Site Personal Training + 12 Week Nutrition Coaching

*All personal training payments are charged monthly and due at the 1st of the month. Nutrition and Off-Site training plans are paid in full at the time of service/delivery. All payments are submitted through Venmo @ Melanie-Gordon-20


You may substitute another day and time if available. 

All training plans are individualized for each person’s ability level whether you’re a beginner or have been working out for years. 

The Nutrition Coaching is based on flexible dieting which means you will be taught how to fuel your body for  your specific goals.