The Origin of BAM

Established in 2018

Professionally, I have worked as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist for the last twenty years, but my true passion is fitness and nutrition. Growing up, I was always a “tomboy” and really still feel that way as an adult.

As I began my own fitness journey, I educated myself about fitness and nutrition. As my knowledge based expanded, friends and friends of friends started asking me for advice and to train them. They asked me what to eat, how to lose weight and how to gain muscle. I also realized that many people are intimidated by big gyms and the idea of a garage gym personal training experience was born. 

I started with a squat rack, a smith machine, a barbell, and some dumbbells. I then had a friend ask if I would train her and a friend. Then, I had another friend recommend someone else to me. I decided it was time to make my passion official and I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and later an ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist. 

From there, people have shown interest in small group training in an environment with other like minded individuals. BAM has truly become a fitness family. 

The BAM name originated after my boys (who were 6 and 8 at the time) wanted to work out with me. And, the Blake, Aiden, and Mommy (B.A.M) gym was born. Although that is still true to my heart, it has since taken on a new meaning for my new fitness family… Badass in the Making.

While I continue on my own fitness journey, I look forward to helping you achieve all of your goals. 

Sincerely, Melanie 


  1. ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  2. ACE Certified Nutrition Coach